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Rolls Royce Apparition
Student Jeremy Westerlund has designed this Apparition concept car while studying at the Art Center school of design, and it manages to meld the past, present, and future of Rolls-Royce.
Dubai Metro
The Dubai Metro is a driver-less, fully automated metro network in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai. The Red Line is partly operational, the Green Line is still under construction, and further lines are…
BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics
ShareCar giant introduced its new concept car BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics. It is amazing, beautiful and superb car. Four-door coupe with the guillotine is a mix of sportiness and Eco-friendliness.
Pagani Huayra Supercar
Italian super-car maker Pagani has released photos and information about the Huayra, the successor to the Zonda. The Huayra--pronounced "WHY-ra"--has been under development for seven years. It gets a formal debut at the Geneva motor…
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85 Ton Solar Powered Catamaran
German adventurer Rafael Domyan plans to travel around the world on the world's largest boat working with solar energy, Planetsolar. 85-ton catamaran runs on solar power, it is ecologically friendly and absolutely silent on the…
Volkswagen Formula XL1 Car
Professor Dr. Ferdinand PiĆ«ch, currently the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG, had a vision to make a car that was more practical for everyday life. He dreamed of a 1L car. The…
Street Legal
Dream Machines, a Florida reality bike shop recently released street-legal custom motorcycles inspired by the iconic Light Cycle in upcoming sci-fi movie Tron Legacy. Each custom motorcycle comes with a steel frame,

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