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Tata eMO EV Rs.10 Lakh Car
The 2012 Michelin Challenge Design Theme, “City 2046: Art, Life and Ingenuity – Transforming Personal Mobility,” challenged participants to design a vehicle that can transport between two and 10 people, meeting the anticipated needs of…
Compact folding bike
Arvind M Designed the the concept of compact folding bike. This folding bike consists of circular frame, which looks like a folded steering wheel. The pedals and wheels can be folded and which allows super…
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2Wheela concept from Andrej Kregar is essentially two vehicles in one. When detached the concept takes the shape of two separate and sporty little two-wheeled cars, with all the added benefit and practicality a car…
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Hyosung's New Comet GT250R Bike
The Hyosung GT250Rhas a large tank and sport seating 250cc motorcycle. It has 17-litre fuel tank
Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle
The Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle (EV) is a futuristic electric car created by a Portuguese Designer Tiago Miguel Inácio. The project was actually started in 2006, but in 2011 Inacio revisited the design and created a…

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