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BelAZ Largest Dump Truck
The company "BelAZ" has created the world's largest dump truck BelAZ-75710 carrying capacity of 450 tons,
KIA Quoris Luxury Sedan To Hit US Shores
KIA Quoris is expected to make its way to US shores by this November’s 2013 LA Auto Show. However, American buyers can see the Quoris in a series of Super Bowl ads.
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Antro Solo
The Hungarian company Antro, is working on a prototype for a modular car that is capable of splitting into two separate vehicles. With solar panels on the roof, the three passenger Antro Solo can run…
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Be.e - Bio Electric Scooter
The Be.e Electric Scooter is a Lightweight Bike made from Compressed Plants and bio-composites. It is the most sustainable scooter in the world. The natural fiber-reinforced composites (NFCs) replace traditional plastics.

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