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700 MPH Hyperloop Train Plans Featured

12 September 2013
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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX has announced a plans to unveil the high-speed Hyperloop transportation system. The futuristic transportation design could transport passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco (400 miles) in 30 minutes flat. The Hyperloop is conceived as a tunnel-based tube system with weather-proof, crash-proof, solar-powered rail-less vehicles that would be twice as fast as planes. The system could work both above and below ground level.

700 MPH Hyperloop Train Plans

Estimated cost of the San Francisco-Los Angeles Hyperloop would be about $6 billion, one tenth of the price proposed for building a conventional high speed rail between those cities.

During rush hour, 40 capsules could move 840 passengers per hour. Each capsule could hold 28 people, and the capsules could depart every 30 seconds with approximately 23 miles between capsules. During off-peak hours, capsules could depart every two minutes. Best of all, passengers could expect to pay just $20 for a one-way ticket!

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