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08 January 2015
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Self Driving Luxury Sedan That Turns Into Mobile Living Space
German company Mercedes has unveiled their new concept of self-driving car, called the F015 Luxury in Motion. It has wide wheels to maximize passenger space, seating for four, carriage style of doors and uses 'swivel…
06 January 2015
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Non-Hit Car And Truck Project To End Fatal Accidents By 2020
Volvo, one of the largest auto producing enterprise has set goal to help minimize the number of accidents happening every day with their new technology under a program it calls "2020 Vision" and it is…
15 December 2014
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Australia Unveils HSV With 250 Miles Per Hour
With the route between Melbourne and Sydney one of the vital air visitors corridor on the planet, an opportunity exists for an alternative form of transport - one where the passengers can say goodbye to…
09 December 2014
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Designed by Henri von Freyberg and motivated by Bugatti’s “pur sang” design principle, the Coupémotion concept is the winner of the Auto Design Prague: Talent of the Year Award, and for just right purpose!
19 November 2014
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Futuristic Vehicle For All Diverse Landscape
The Volkswagan Aqua Hovercraft concept is a futuristic hovercraft powered by hydrogen and propelled by impellers. It was designed by Yuhan Zhang from China. It was presented CDN Awards and conceived as an off road…
17 October 2014
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Planets First Salt Water Powered Electric Car
Nanoflowcell has developed the world’s first electric car powered by salt water named the Quant e-Sportlimousine. This vehicle has now been approved for testing on roads in Germany and Europe. The car is designed to…
13 October 2014
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Futuristic Driverless Underground Tube Trains Of London
Futuristic designs of driver-less London underground trains were made by Priestman Goode and transport for London (TFL). These tube trains are designed to be driver-less and operational from 2025. They will run on central, Piccadilly,…
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