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The Worlds First 3D-Printed Supercar That Can Go Upto 60 MPH In 2 Seconds
3D-printing technology and Green cars have become very popular today. The problem is that while these cars exist, the actual manufacturing is different. Automotive designer Kevin Czinger, has revolutionized the manufacturers to produce lighter and…
03 June 2015
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New Face Of 2016 Mitsubishi Challenger Revealed
Mitsubishi Australia has confirmed it'll provide a next-generation competitor SUV in Australia from early next year. It'll be out there during this Japanese financial year (before March 2016).
Chevy's Driverless Concept Car Now Comes to Reality
General Motors driver-less car, the Chevrolet FNR is now leading the autonomous car concept. Now the electric driverless car has come to reality. A Chinese GM division has revealed Chevrolet-FNR the driver-less car in the…
31 March 2015
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High Rated Concept Cars That You Wish You Could Have One
After we look at these concepts, We will surely like them much more than anything. They are more adorable than the model girls! Chill out with 7 of the very cool vehicles, and you just…
27 March 2015
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Largest Motor Show In Asia Kicked Off In Bangkok
The 36th Bangkok International Motor Show in Bangkok features the latest cars and motorcycles in the industry, including automotive concept designs and technologies. The show started on March 25 and will last till April 5,…
Turn Your Car Screen To Project Information With Augmented Reality HUD
By overlaying real images with digital pictures, your windscreen essentially becomes a computer monitor for driving. To keep drivers' eyes on the road, cars are getting a third display to project information: the windshield.

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