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Singapores New Floating Restaurant Chain - Solar Orchid Featured

22 September 2014
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Spark Architects has designed a new solar powered, lightweight self contained floating pod called "The Solar Orchid Project" in Singapore. This pod acts as a restaurant and best place for street food vendors. It can be reconfigured, mobile and can be popuped in any location and design.

Solar Orchid

Solar Orchid is an energy generating pod topped with thin photovoltaic cells. Each Pod contains cooking stalls, with built-in exhaust, water, gas, table settings, waste and electrical connection.

The Solar Orchid Project is currently an proposal similar to the Singapore's new solar island project. The main aim to develop such a concept is that Singapore is losing its connection with water-scape due to industrialization, land reclamation and urban development.

Solar orchid aerial view

Inside the floating pod

Floating solar orchid

Singapore orchid

Diagram of solar orchid

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