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Moon Rainbow Fountain - New Tourist Attraction Featured

21 July 2012
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In 2008 in the capital of of South Korea - City Seoul, South Korea became an interesting tourist attraction. Bridge of BANGO (Banpo), which connects the the shore of the river Han was turned into a an extraordinary a fountain. On the right and left sides of the roadway of the bridge from the water-spray nozzles streams poured 190 tons of water, which, however, in no way interferes with traffic.

Moon Rainbow Fountain | New Tourist Attraction

The bridge, which is has a length of 1.4 kilometer, is encased 9380 of nozzles for spraying of water. Water is pumped from the river by a pump. It seems that the bridge a fountain height of 60m. Water spray moving, doing the "water dance". The spectacle covers 190 LEDs that change color.

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