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Luxury Underground House Covered with Green Grass Featured

07 September 2014
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Luxury Underground House Covered with Green Grass

This Underground shelter is living house designed for single family. At first appearance, you would assume the house is built under earth. The Underground House was outlined by MOLOS Group based in Kosovo. MOLOS Group is a supreme architecture design agency from Republic of Kosovo. The house is under the surface of the ground, masked with green grass and greenery.

The creator has designed this building structure away from city hassles in Tirana, a capital city of Albania.

MOLOS Group - the creator, explains that the house is surrounded by lush green nature, away from the busy streets of Tirana city. The house is camouflaged with greenery and matches with nature scenery.

The designer has taken great care in retaining the natural brightness in the house. The building surfaces has provision to permit ample daylight enter the underground house. The Underground shelter house is masterpiece of its own kind.

house front



house back view


house top view

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