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Exceptional Glass House By Almasov Featured

30 July 2014
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The founder of Amaty-based A.Masow Design Studio, Architect Aibek Almasov has created this unique four storey cylindrical glass tower inside the deep woods of Almaty, Kazakhstan. This transparent glass house is built surrounding a living tree in a plan to have a natural effect and to be away from the cities noise and pollution. Its just a new way of bring nature to your living room.

Unlike other tree house, this house does not rest on the tree branch but has space and ventilation from the open window for access to light and water to the tree. More over the tree stays in the same place without cutting down their branches and will have relatively little effect on the surrounding land as it is fabricated in factory and assembled onsite.

Glass house top View

This "Tree in the House” is in its early stages. This four storey, glass building gives view to the surrounding pine wood trees. This glass house has been designed for a rich client who wants to rest in during weekend leaving behind the city and stress. The 38 year old client has paid an amount of 55 million for this project.

The house has no privacy and the tree branch fills the upper two floors. The first floor has bathroom and kitchen and bed fits in the second floor. A geothermal heat pump is used to provide warmth in winter, recycle water facility and a solar coating on the glass surface provides electricity. The house has spiral stairway which adds to its beauty.

The house is to be built with plasterboard panel, metal column, wood flooring, ceiling windows and concrete sheets. This house will surely minimize the gap between the city and nature so that the resident will always have peace and relaxation. It will be surely an escape from the city life.

Exceptional glass house by Almasov

Cross section of the house

Four storey house surrounded by trees

Tree in the center of the house

Glass House

Living Room

Kitchen Room

Building Drawing

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