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Column for Peace - Imagine Peace Tower

23 April 2012
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The Imagine Peace Tower is a is a mega memorial structure to John Lennon from his wife. This tower is located in Iceland. This has a powerful lights projected from a white stone monument. This monument has "Imagine Peace" word carved in 24 languages. This tower consists of a 10 meter wide well with 15 searchlights with prisms which acts as mirrors. The prism reflects the light vertically into the sky.

Column for Peace | Imagine Peace Tower

The light reaches the cloud base and can be seen penetrating the cloud on a clear night. The light column reaches a hight of 4000m. Electricity for the column lights is supplied by Iceland's geo-thermal energy grid. The column light uses around 75 kW of power. Underneath the light tower there are 500,000 written wishes that Lennon's widow wife Ono gathered over the years.

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