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The X-47B UAV Aircraft, First Air Refueling Test Featured

19 April 2015
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The Navy's X-47B unmanned drone joined with an Omega Air KC-707 air tanker to test on air refueling. This was the first time in aviation history, a Unmanned drone to demo on air refueling abilities. But, this demo test would be the last for X-47B UAV program.

aerial Refueling

X-47B is an Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV), designed for air refueling ability. X-47 series were designed by the American tech company Northrop Grumman. The X-47B first take off was on 2011. X-47B aircraft is aimed to enter in US Navy service by 2020s.

Regardless of completing 20% of its total flight hours, the X-47Bs will be soon a show product at museum.


X-47B UAV aircraft Rear view

X-47B Stealth drone Takeoff

Unmanned Combat Air System Carrier

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