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Jackie Chan's New $20 Million Legacy 500 Business Jet In China
The martial arts fame and actor Jackie Chan received the first Embraer Legacy 500 in China. It is the latest offering from Brazil's Embraer Aerospace. Chan became the brand ambassador in China in 2012 when…
Flyship | The Future Of Travel Both On Air And Water
A new hybrid of boat and plane called "The FlyShip" is an £26m ($37m) vehicle that can carry 100 passengers at a top speed of 155mph(250km/h). The flyship hovers by creating a cushion of air…
Innovative Detachable Plane Cabin For Emergency Landing
Finally Surviving in a plane crash is made possible by Ukrainian aviation engineer Vladimir Tatarenko. He invented a detachable plane cabin which can be ejected within seconds in case of emergency.

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