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8 Wheeled Ponsse ScorpionKing - The Ultimate Forest Clearing Machine Featured

18 December 2015
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The eight-wheeled ScorpionKing offers the best possible setting for efficient and productive work of cutting trees and logging. The unique new crane solution offers excellent visibility in all directions, enabling smooth and flexible working whatever the conditions. Good visibility to both sides of the cabin allows for efficient and unlimited operation – the trees to be felled, felling direction and position of piles can be selected keeping efficiency and eco-friendliness in mind.

Minimum weight: 46,958 lbs (21,300 kg)

Typical weight: 49,604 lbs (22,500 kg)

Length: 316 in (8,020 mm)

Width: 104–112 in (2,640-2,840 mm)

Ground clearance: 25.8 in (655 mm)

Transportation height: 147 in (3720 mm)

Crane tilt angle: front/rear ±15°, sideways ±12°

Crane turning angle: 280°

Lifting moment (gross): 252 kNm

Reach: 10/11 m (33/36 ft)

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