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Multiplexes Theatres To Screen IPL Matches

10 March 2009
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IPL cricket in theatre

The Indian Premier League was a smash hit last year and after taking quite a hit during IPL season last year, movie theatre owners are looking for a piece of the pie.

With everyone hooked on to the IPL last year, Bollywood movies and multiplexes took a hit. But to minimise losses this year and perhaps even profit from the IPL, theatre owners have now approached the IPL board for rights to exhibit the 20-20 matches in their cinema halls.

Rahul Dravid wallpaper, IPL Cricket

Dhoni Wallpaper, IPL Cricket

Source: CNN-IBN

Senior Vice President, Cinemax Cinemas Devang Sampat said, “Yes we've approached the IPL. We thought it would be a good idea. They are working out how to give the rights and we're hopeful.

Many chains of multiplexes which were adversely affected last year by the low turnout for movies during IPL season are more than willing to work their show timings around to accommodate the hugely popular IPL matches.

Meanwhile, the IPL board that was apprehensive about giving match screening rights to theatres last year are now open to the idea.

IPL Chariman Lalit Modi said, “We are working out a framework to give theatrical rights. We will open a tender. We will see how it works for one year and then review next year.”

So will the screening of IPL draw crowds to the theatres this summer?

There is a mixed bag response with some saying if it's available at home why go to theatre while others think that it’s a good idea.

No matter how you choose to watch it, IPL season 2 is definitely a much awaited release this summer.

MS Dhoni Wallpaper, IPL Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar Wallpapers, IPL Cricket

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