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Faudzha Singh - Worlds Oldest Marathon Runner

26 March 2013
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Faudzha Singh

Famous athlete Faudzha Singh is the World's oldest marathon runner, In Hong Kong he ran a distance of 10km in 1hour 32mins and 28secs. He will be 102 years old on April 01, 2013.

On February 24 in Hong Kong, Standart Chartered sponsored a Marathon event. Faudzha Singh is of Indian origin, who is at present living in London and is from Punjab. His nickname is "tornado in a turban". Faudzha Singh started running marathon at the age of 89. He has run for nine world marathons. Faudzha has run for Olympic Torch Relay in Athens-2004 and in London-2012. He is not listed in Guinness World Records as Worlds Oldest Marathon Runner because he does'nt have birth certificate documents. Faudzha runs over 15 miles daily to keep himself fit for marathons.

Worlds Oldest Marathon Runner

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