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Infamous Bollywood Star Sisters Featured

07 June 2012
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Bollywood has become a family business, every family member is trying their luck with the films as a actor or actress. Sister’s of top Bollywood actress also does the same but somehow failed to get popularity as the other sister. Below are some of the bollywood siblings pairs.

Infamous Bollywood Star Sisters

The Kapoor girls – Karisma and Kareena have made their mark in Bollywood. Karisma is all set to make a comeback while Kareena is supposed to be the most bankable star in Bollywood now. Kareena was quoted as saying “We Kapoor girls are going to be all over the TV and in the theatres over the next few months.”

The Kardashian sisters - Kourtney, Kim and Khloé are equally annoying and they shot to fame with ludicrous reality show - Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Of the three, Kim has an edge over the other two when it comes to fame.

Kajol has made her mark in Bollywood while Tanisha is still trying hard. Tanisha looks up to Kajol for tips in acting, and the doting big sister has always been around for her.

The cute little twins of TV series Full House Mary Kate Olsen and Ashlee Olsen are 25 now. Together they own a clothing line and beauty line for girls.

Nutan ruled the screens for more than four decades. She was noted for playing the unconventional roles. And her sister Tanuja used to act in Marathi and Bengali films other than Bollywood.

People who know the two sisters say that they are as different as chalk and cheese. Sonam has in a short period of time made a name as a fashionista. “She is obsessed about fashion, mine is food,” says Rhea. Rhea has her future planned out too, she wants to direct movies. Sonam meanwhile is all set.

Shruti and Akshara have much in common and one career ambition which differentiates them. Shruti is a leading star in the south, while her Bollywood dreams have not taken off as desired. Akshara on the other hand does not want to act in the south. A big Bollywood debut is her dream.

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