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Mother Natures Stunning Underwater Falls

11 February 2016
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The mother nature has created a painted the "underwater waterfall", just 2000 km away from Africa's southeast coast near Madagascar, Indian ocean - the Island of Mauritius. This amazing waterfall illusion attracts people from all over the world.

The reason for the underwater waterfall is due to the sand and slit deposits that is pulled by the currents of the ocean from higher coastal shelf to the deeper waters in the sea. Further the color of the water also create such an illusion. Even google map has captured photography of the stunning waterfall.

Apart from this, the island of Mauritus itself is a nice place to visit. It offers luxury tourist accommodations with the entire surroundings in beautiful colors ranging from teal, blue and white. The number of underwater coral reefs continue to grow and flourish, providing the divers with a excellent view of the underwater life.

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