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Why not Extend the Holiday?

16 February 2016
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Continued Bill Benson / Valentines 2/8/2016 Edition – Editors Desk

So, what about all-year-round love exposure? I'm not proposing a sizzling kind of passion, but rather, an unconditional, expectation-less, no-need-to-reciprocate positivity that exists in you (and in me, and in all of us)...

Take a moment and ask yourself: What is my cost/benefit analysis for kindness? Does honorable behavior diminish my returns? In doing something nice, do I feel Super-sized?

So, I would like to beat every advertiser to-the-punch in wishing you: "Happy Valentine's Year." Because, whatever form love takes, it feels good - and is good for you (No purchase necessary).

Why not Extend the Holiday?

*Join Love's campaign - Pass along this article to those you know: Kindness deserves to go "viral."

Author Bill Benson, LMFT, LPCC is a Board Certified, Licensed Psychotherapist and Clinical Counselor. His company The Mental Gym has trained thousands to build, and then maintain emotional muscle and healthier perspectives.


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