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Vela Luka is an amazing place

31 May 2015
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Vela Luka may not have the charm of Korcula Town, on the other side of Korcula Island, however it's not without its magic. At the end of a huge gulf facing west (think of the sundowns ! ), Vela Luka is a primary access point to Korcula Island with a frequent schedule of ferries to the town of Split. If you are fan of cultural tourism, then Vela Luka (Island of Korcula) will be best travel destination for you. You can see there a one-of-a-kind mix between the culture of the East and West. Its wonderful location between Europe, Africa and Asia made the city favored location for vacation for many individuals around the world. It offers a shelter for many tourists, who make the journey of their life.

Island of Korcula offer a wide range of activities for the adventure hunters such as coasteering, climbing, diving in the crystal clear waters or water sports such as sailing and sea kayaking. And because we're talking of ways of spending your free time, let's talk about the local events. It has to be shared that Vela Luka wears the badge of renowned touristic resort with great pride and difference and knows how to engage its visitors. As you 'd expect, most of the town's feasts and celebrations take place during the July and August so as to coincide with the tourist period.

Vela Luka (Island of Korcula)

Dalmatian coast has become one of Europe's most exciting destinations but getting there can be tricky. If you're coming from outside Europe, understand that there are no direct flights from North America to Dalmatia . You'll need to make a stop in another European city for a flight to Dalmatia (airports in Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik). Fortunately there are more and more routes opening. If you're arriving from Italy however, the best bet is in most cases to take a ferry to Dalmatia. That's what the majority of Italians do which is why there are more ferryboats than flights from Italy to Dalmatia .

The hotel scene in Vela Luka is somewhat reduced. Couple of hotels are old and haven't been refurbished for quite some time. Without a doubt the finest hotel in Vela Luka is the four-star Hotel Korkyra. Vela Luka area provides a wide range of accommodation options: camps, holiday houses, private rooms, and holiday apartments. There are lots of good camping areas on the coastline. Nonetheless, wild outdoor camping is not permitted, specifically on the islands. Private lodging is progressing in popularity and can be reserved over the Internet. Booking private accommodation, you typically book only over night given that most of private accommodation owners do not offer morning meal and various other meals. An invaluable resource for travellers looking for cheap apartments and hotels in Vela Luka can be found at !

Vela Luka Apartments

Proizd Island, Vela Luka

Vela Luka (Island of Korcula)

Amazing Vela Cave, Island Korcula

Dubrovacko Neretvanska, Vela Luka

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