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Best balance bike for kids

29 February 2016
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You may be asking what a 'Balance Bike' is Perhaps, you've heard but aren't really sure what they are Well, I'm here to tell you all about them. First of all, a 'Balance Bike' is a bicycle without pedals... Gasp. No pedals? What? Well, that's the whole point really.

There are no pedals, and therefore your little one, or whoever the case may present, can focus more on that key word BALANCE and of course STEERING. The idea is to provide more confidence in learning how to actually ride a bike. You've probably witnessed, or experienced, learning how to ride a bike the old fashioned way.

Skinned knees, and bent handle bars can be easily attained when trying to pedal, steer, AND balance a bicycle for the very first time You can wear a helmet, but you can't save your bike from dents, scratches, and dings. So, don't try. Get yourself a Balance Bike, I'm going to tell you why.

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First of all, the benefits of Balance Bikes consist are as follows:

They can be used as early as age 2 and up, these bikes train in a way that makes balance & steering become second nature. They increase the confidence lever.

They are portable and easy to carry just pop in the boot. They can be used indoors or outdoors and they make a much easier transition into a pedal bicycle. They are also a wonderful tool to promote health and exercise.

There are three choices in the material of your chosen Best Balance Bike. You can get a wooden frame, metal frame, or plastic frame Balance Bike. How cool is that? It's awesome.

Kids' bikes are created and sized by wheel diameter rather than height and seat (or size of the frame). Two to five years old is the perfect age to begin using a Balance Bike. The basic small wheelers are for ages 3-6 years of age and they come in 12, 14, 16 inch wheels at the outside.

Got a 6-9 year old? Great! They can ride the one with 20 inch wheels. They even have geared versions; 5-10 gears with hill climbing ease. Next level is 9-14 year old ranges that have 24 inch wheels and up; they have all the same functions as the 20 inch wheelers.

Balance Bike vs Training Wheels

You may be wondering what the difference is. Well, it's simple. Parents buy Balance Bikes for their children because that word "BALANCE" is the most important lesson.

Training wheels are nice BUT a Balance Bike actually teaches to balance on their own, without false security. This is a huge confidence booster. Plus, no more chasing behind them in fear of their falling. Rest easier knowing that they are in control; feeling so big and so proud!

Always remember: SAFETY FIRST! Riders should wear the proper gear. Helmet (in the right size), correct size bike, proper clothing, and proper shoes.

Additional safety can be attained by practicing on soft surfaces (carpet, grass, soft dirt). Be there to support them, and teach them the value of responsibility for themselves and the bike. Never forget the helmet!! Teach independence with style!!

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