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Snail Bob 9 - Fun to Play Video Games Featured

18 July 2015
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My recollections of playing workstation based video games go back to as early as when I was 6 years old. Super Mario and Dave used to be my forever favorite games essentially because they provided quality home entertainment without needing to fuss about all the intricate details. The standard purpose of computer games needs to be providing some relaxing and fulfilling time instead of being a competitor’s platform. Nevertheless, the advancement of gaming market has actually made it possible for a growing number of amateur players to obtain a couple of moments to un-wind with good quality 2-d video games. A couple of video games still provide a serene and lovely experience at the expenditure of little effort and the best part is that they are still free to play. Snail Bob 9 is the most recent induction in my 2-d fun-to-play video games collection. I am a huge fan of the whole snail bob series but this version has been so much fun it has made me sit down and write down a review for this awesome game.

Snail bob 9

Who can have fun?

Snail Bob 9 is just top notch perfect for everybody: be it children or grownups, teenagers or women. Even my girlfriend is very fond of this game and you can well imagine how cool a game should be for girl’s to like it.

What about Controls?

This is one of those games in which you are hands-on as soon as you get going. From then on are just enjoying the progressive difficulty levels in the game instead of fretting about which button to press at which time. That is the main reason why the game has been an immediate success with elderly people as well as youngsters.

How is the story line?

The story line in itself is really interesting. Bob, the snail's home has been damaged and he is helpless. We are right here to do what is right and help Bob get his home back. In order to do so, we accompany Bob through some fascinating and progressively hard challenges until he can get his home back.

The video game play has actually been developed in such a way to enhance the cognitive along with observational skills of players. Another reason why this game is just perfect for growing children.

Snail bob 9

Why should I Love Snail Bob 9?

Lack of offensive content, together with exciting story, easy controls and a very addictive and interesting game play make Bob 9 a very fun-to-play yet simple game. Give it a try and you will have the time of your life. My Guarantee!!!!

Website: Snail Bob 9

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