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How To Be The Best Father On The Earth Featured

29 December 2014
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Being a father - no longer an easy thing, requiring a inventive technique to a variety of exclusive tasks. Fathers who're the discipline of this text, to cope with it brilliantly. A just right father is among the most unsung, unpraised, neglected, and yet one of the most valuable belongings. Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a DAD.

If my daughter wants to be a wolf, the father is willing to become a Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

If my daughter wants to be trained to paint nails - please

Nail Paint

Tea party together

Tea party together

A good father is ready to fulfill their father's duties in any situation

father's duties

A good father - a good example

A good father

Surfing, combined with fatherhood


So good father calms offspring during the first photo shoot

first photo shoot

All in father

All in father

My daughter is learning to deal with cosmetics

deal with cosmetics

Why father weighs three times the children

father weighs

A good father he is ready to become a playground

father playground

These children are not even aware that their joysticks are connected

joysticks are connected

Mom said that children should comply with bed rest

comply with bed rest

The most comfortable chair

The most comfortable chair

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