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Anti Aging Pills Developed To Extend Lifespan To 120 Years Featured

19 February 2015
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Russian research team has developed a new type of pill that could let you live upto 120 years. This pill taken through the mouth oral will retard aging and prolongs human life. Researchers are using a new type of antioxidant which will impact on mitochondria, the energy-producing part of cells, which is seen as triggering aging. The mitochondria are to be blamed for heart attacks, they are also linked to diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Doctors hope the tablet, which is being tested on rats, mice, fish and dogs, will prolong human life. The Russian tests have not led to an significant life span increase, but delayed the onset of aging, Dr. Maxim Skulachev, said.


live upto 120 years

retard aging

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