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Fabula Organic Pencil To Grow And Feed Plants Featured

24 November 2015
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Fabula, an revolutionary eco-friendly plantable organic pencil that nurtures Nature. Developed by Mateja Kuhar, Fabula was awarded the A'Design Award in the category of Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Category, 2014 - 2015.

This pencil exhibits how daily objects can also be constituted of recycled healthy waste. Fabula is made out of the used tea-leaves and coffee grounds from cafes, together with petals discarded by the many florists. Believe that one coffee retailer produces an natural of 30 kg of organic waste monthly: this can be recycled and reused to manufacture about 3000 pencils. The substances are extra processed to create the pencil's sturdy body with its soft grainy surface and slightly larger volume that matches flawlessly into the hand when writing. And as a writing & drawing toole, Fabula makes use of high-quality eco-graphite.

While utilising it as a writing and drawing instrument, you would also be able to enrich the plants for your atmosphere with Fabula's shavings, rather than binning them. When it gets too short to use, the Fabula stub can be activated in water to plant a younger chamomile or strawberry plant. The brand new plant grows from seeds incorporated in the top of the pencil. By dissolving it in water for a day and planting it within the soil instead of simply throwing it away, you are going to enrich your atmosphere with a new plant.

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