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Diverse Barbie Doll To Be Released For Her Upcoming 57th Birthday

28 January 2016
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Toy maker Mattel has announced that the Barbie is getting a major makeover and is going to add a new line of diverse doll on regards of her upcoming 57th birthday. Since 1959, Barbara Millicent Roberts better known as Barbie, has had more than 180 careers and has become a pop culture icon. There are all shapes and sizes and comes in seven skin colors, 22 eye shades and 24 hairstyles.

It was in 1945 when Ruth Handler, her husband Elliot Handler and their friend Harold Matson started with a small workshop in a garage. In 1959, Ruth came up with the idea when she saw her daughter Barbara playing with doll imagining it to be a teenager or working woman. Ruth started to make three dimensional doll in which girls could act out of their dreams. Hence Barbie doll, named after Ruth's own daughter was born. Based on the German comic book character Lilliin, in 1959 the Barbie was officially released and showcased at the 1959 toy fair in New York City.

Within few years, Barbie became a hit among the young girls of America. Barbie, came in three original varieties: Blonde hair, Brunette hair, or Red hair. Also during that time, in 1961 Barbie's boyfriend Ken was released named after Ruth's son.

In 1968, Mattel created a new doll, The Christie doll - as an African American friend of Barbie. In 1980, first true black Barbie - Francie was released. In 1980, Hispanic Barbie by the name of Teresa was released. In 1990, popular Barbie edition was created with the hair extending to her feet. Many variants with changes in facial and body structure such as the eye brow, lip shape, body length was often incorporated. The popularity of the Barbie doll has made the Barbie lifestyle complete with Barbie themed car, dream house, makeup and fashion.

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