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China Sets Up The Worlds First Fully Automated Unmanned Factory Featured

10 August 2015
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A chinese firm has established the first unmanned factory at Dongguan city where all the strategies are operated by robots, regarded as futuristic way to tide over China’s looming demographic predicament and dependence on manual employees. Within the plant, the entire techniques are operated by using computer - controlled robots, computer numerical manage machining equipement, unmanned transport vehicles and automated warehouse equipment.

The technical staff just sits at the computer and monitors by means of a control process. At the workshop of changing Precision technological organization in Dongguan, often called the “world factory”, which manufactures cellphone phone modules, 60 robot hands at 10 construction lines polish the modules day and night. Every line has an computerized belt with just three employees who are incharge for checking lines and monitoring.

A couple of months ago, it required 650 employees to finish. But now a robotic arm can replace six to eight employees. Now there are 60 employees and the quantity shall be diminished to 20. This is step one of the “robot replace human” programme. Within the subsequent two years, the number of robots will probably be multiplied to 1,000 and eighty per cent process can be performed by way of robots, said Chen Qixing, president of the enterprise.

When compared with many expert employees, these robots are new arms. However they made far more and better products than well- knowledgeable employees and gurus, the record said. With almost 200 million persons above 60 years and old age population set to rise sharply, China is bracing to face demographic hindrance within the close future as it'll have fewer work force. Data on the Dongguan factory exhibit that the defect rate of products has dropped from over 25 per cent to less than 5 per cent and the creation ability from more than 8,000 pieces per person per months multiplied to 21,000 portions. The city plans to conclude 1,000 to 1,500 “robotic substitute human” programmes by 2016.

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