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Boo Dog - Two Million Facebook Fans Featured

22 November 2011
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The five-year-old Pomeranian Dog named Boo has nearly two million fans in Facebook and a book deal. But Boo isn't a reality TV star, actor or a pop singer, he's a pet dog.

Boo Dog | Two Million Facebook Fans

Boo has attracted the attention of Hollywood stars including Khloe Kardashian, who posted a picture of the dog on her blog last year and singer Kesha, who Tweeted that Boo was 'her new boyfriend.' Since then, Boo's Facebook page, launched in 2009, has gone viral, receiving thousands of new fans a day. His owner, who has concealed her identity and location in the U.S. and uses the pseudonym J.H Lee told Time:'My friends loved looking at pictures of him. 'We started the first Facebook page as a joke.' Boo shot to fame when he realised the key to looking so good in photographs is a great haircut.

Boo has been busy promoting his new book, a collection of photographs entitled 'Boo, the life of the world's cutest dog.' The £8.99 book features exclusive photographs of Boo 'doing all his favorite things, lounging around, playing with friends, exploring the whole wide world, and making those famous puppy-dog eyes.'

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