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7 Homemade Beauty Tips, Every Female Should Know Featured

20 November 2014
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Do you want to improve your daily unconventional way of beauty makeup? Below are some of the useful homemade beauty tips followed in around the world:

Homemade Beauty Tips

Trust me! To look gorgeous you need not spend money lavishly. Sometimes you can find powerful beauty ingredients from your refrigerator.

1. Do you wish to maintain lipstick persistently, when you are in a party! Then try rubbing a small piece of sugar beet on your lips and then apply lipstick.

maintain lipstick in party


2. Applying some Vaseline on eyelashes before going to sleep, will help eyelashes grow longer and attractive. Also rubbing the face with ice for 10-15 minutes helps to minimize the skin pores and controls wrinkles and pimple.

Vaseline on eyelashes


3. To remove blackheads from nose, blend a tablespoon of pepper with yogurt. Rub the paste on nose in a round movement and Presently apply this regular scour on nose, knead in a round movement and clean your face with water.



4. Worried about dark circles under your eyes and puffiness! Place fresh cut potatoes on your eyes for 10 minutes. Potato is a simple, natural effective home remedy. Also, for flash burn (welder flash) place potatoes on your eyes. This will reduce the pain and burning sensation.

dark circles under your eyes


5. To whiten your teeth, rub the strawberry on the teeth. the strawberry juice will remove stains from the teeth. Make sure to clean your mouth with water to avoid harming the enamel.

strawberry on the teeth


6. To make the nails strong, cut lemon and apply on the nails. Applying this will make the brittle nails strong.

lemon and nails


7. After shampooing your hair, clean your hair with beer and leave it for few minutes. This will enhance your hair shine and avoid dryness. Also this will cure split end problems.

shampooing your hair

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