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Spectacular 3D Beach Drawing Featured

04 August 2014
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These beautiful art work on beach was done by a New Zealand Artist, Jamie Harkins. He is already famous in New Zealand for his surrealist landscape paintings. Harkins is a fine arts artists and a musician having a own studio in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Jamie converts 2-D drawings into 3-D using the technique called anamorphosis.

Unlike others enjoying beach with buckets and shovel to create sand sculpture, Harkins thought in a different way to create the 3D drawing which made him so popular. The technique anamorphosis is nothing but converting a 2 dimensional surface into a 3 dimensional masterpiece.


Harkins got inspiration from the street pavement 3D art drawing. With this idea in his mind, Harkins along with other artists like Constanza Nightingale, Lucia Rendu and David Lupf created this amazing beach drawing.

These drawings actually looks distorted when seen on the sand, but when viewed from a certain angle, these distorted drawings aligns to get a 3D effect. Though these drawings are short-lived, the artist is happy that he gets a new canvas for his next new drawing.

Skate park 3D Drawing

Stairway to the sea

Sand Castle


Temple under the sun

Great Pyramid

Never ending ladder

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