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Balloon Art is Moving to the Next Level

03 September 2014
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Jason Secoda, an Philadelphia-based artist and entertainer uses balloon to create beautiful sculptures for the past 15 years. He has now moved the balloon art to the next level by creating huge balloon twisted art. He says that usually balloons are loved by kids and now after his art work, balloons became favorite to all ages and all people.

The Department of Incredible Inflatable Art and Airheads Entertainment has helped Jason along with Dennis Scott, Dylan Gilenas and Jack Mattson to create the awesome art depicting ferocious tiger and a cub in a jungle with an ancient temple at the backdrop. Jason says that he was inspired by the Cambodian temple Angkor Wat and took about 15,000 balloons for an area of 225 square feet which stood nearly 17 feet tall to create such a scene.

Balloon Art is Moving to the Next Level



Lovely Couple

Sea Pirate

Octopus Welcome


baby Girl

Cute Parrot

Gamers Point

Cave Temple

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