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20 Designed Collection of Creative Business Cards Featured

10 May 2014
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20 Designed Collection of Creative Business Cards

A enduring impression starts with class creative business cards. Usually we slip these cards in our pocket and forget about it. But there are some cards which make us remember. We have illustrated some professionally designed collection, below images will give you some creative and unusual ideas for designing your card.

Business Cards - Cheese Grater

Tearable Business Cards for Divorce Lawyers. You could see, the card has communication details on both the halves.

Business Cards - Yoga Mat. A standard and extremely innovative card for yoga focused proffesionals. The card could be bend similar to a yoga mat

Tearable Health Trainer Business Cards. Zohra Mouhetta assists you to reduce your tummy weight.

Business Cards - Seed Packet

Stretchable Business Cards. You have to stretch the flexible card to see the details.

Hair Stylist Business Cards

Hair Stylist Business Cards - 02

Filters Business Cards

Yoga focused Business Cards - 02

Photo Frame Business Card

Transparent Style Business Card

Play Chair Business Card

Business Cards - Seeds

Two Wheeler Tools Business Cards

Carton Box Business Cards

Salt Sprinkler Business Cards

Tennis Table Business Cards

Grilling Business Cards - 02

What is a BusinessCard?

Business cards bear the details about an organization or a person. These cards are usually exchanged during a first time official meet, which helps to identify the individual or company. The card contains business/individual name, usually with a logo. And has contact details like, address, Landmark, phone number, mobile number and Fax number. In modern business, the card also includes media details like, website, e-mail id, some even include facebook and Linkedin.

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