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The Rich And Charming Princes Of The XXI Century

10 February 2016
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A prince is the heir apparent to the throne in a royal or imperial monarchy. Here are some of the most luckiest, richest, royal who inherit the power and rule different parts of the world.


Prince of Brunei - Al-Bolkiah Muhtadi Billah

The Crown Prince of Brunei, Al-Bolkiah Muhtadi Billah (born 17 February 1974) was lucky to be born first in a family of one of the richest men in the country in the world where there is still an absolute monarchy. His Royal Highness graduated from universities in Brunei and Oxford, additionally studied the Koran and the basics of diplomacy. Al-Muhtadi - not a secular person, and does not enjoy the increased attention of the paparazzi, but is engaged in business: head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Brunei. In 2004, the world circled pictures with luxurious Prince's wedding with 17-year-old commoner named Sarah. At the celebration was attended by princes, kings and sultans of neighboring states. Prince at the time of marriage was 30 years old. Since then, the family had three children. The Crown Prince of Brunei owns a collection of sports cars from around the world. The Istana Nurul Iman palace, the largest residential palace in the world and the largest single family residence ever built is the official residence of the Sultan of Brunei. The palace contains 1,788 rooms, which includes 257 bathrooms, a banquet hall that can be expanded to accommodate up to 5,000 guests, a mosque accommodating 1,500 people. The palace also includes a 110-car garage, an air conditioned stable for the Sultan's 200 polo ponies, and 5 swimming pools. In total, Istana Nurul Iman contains 2,152,782 square feet (200,000 m²) of floorspace. Because of its massive size, Istana Nurul Iman makes use of 564 chandeliers, 51,000 light bulbs, 44 stairwells, and 18 elevators.


Dubai Prince - Sheikh Hamdan bin

Sheikh Hamdan bin (born 14 November 1982) is the Crown Prince of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is popularly known as Fazza, the name under which he publishes his poetry. He is the second son of their 12 children and the third of his father's 23 children. He is also the founder of the Hamdan International Photography Award, which was launched in 2011. Today Hamdan holds several key positions: head of an investment fund, the university named after him, the League of support for young entrepreneurs, the Committee on Sport and the Dubai Autism Center study. His fortune, according to Forbes magazine, was $ 18 billion in 2011.


Prince of Jordan - Hussein bin Abdullah

21-year-old Crown Prince of Jordan, the eldest son of King Abdullah II, Hussein bin Abdullah (born 28 June 1994) is actively involved in the affairs of his father, despite his youth and studies at Georgetown University in Washington. He is accompanied by a parent in his travels around the country and abroad, taking part in the military and official events, some time was regent and served as the monarch at the time of departure of the king abroad. The official website of the Prince says that he is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad in the 42nd generation and is named in honor of his grandfather, who is the founder of modern Jordan. Last year, he participated in the UN Security Council and became the youngest participant in its history.


Prince of Wales - Prince William and Prince Henry

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, (born 21 June 1982) is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales. He is second in line to succeed his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, after his father. Prince Henry of Wales, (born 15 September 1984), commonly known as Prince Harry, is the younger son of Charles and Diana and younger brother of Prince William. Princess Diana insisted that her children are not taught in isolation, but went to school on par with their peers. At the boarding school for boys Crown Prince William lived in a room with four students, led the hockey team and a rugby team. William graduated from the prestigious University of St Andrews in Scotland. Part of the education of both princes were traveling, labor practices and service in the army in particular, William traveled to Chile and several African countries, worked on a dairy farm and had to learn at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst and flight school. Today, he is the captain of the Royal Air Force pilot and rescue helicopter. In December 2011, William was involved in the rescue of Russian sailors from the sinking "Svonlend" vessel. In 2010, the prince married Kate Middleton, with whom he studied in Scotland - their wedding was included in the Guinness World Records for "the highest number of events to watch live on."


Prince of Luxembourg - Prince Guillaume

Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg (born 1 May 1963) is the third son and youngest child of Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte of Luxembourg. He is the successor of Luxembourg and has a lush titles: Hereditary Grand Duke, Prince of Nassau and Prince of Parma. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the portrait of his son and his father were printed on a commemorative coin of € 2. Future Duke is fluent in five languages: his native Luxembourg, as well as French, English, Spanish and German. Service in the Armed Forces Luxembourg managed to rise to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in ten years.


Prince of Liechtenstein - Alois Philipp Maria

Alois, Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein, (born 11 June 1968, full name: Alois Philipp Maria), is the eldest son of Hans Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein. After studying at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, he spent six months served in Hong Kong and London. After graduating from the law department of the University of Salzburg has worked in the auditing company in London.


Prince of Denmark - Frederik

Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, (born 26 May 1968) is the heir apparent to the throne of Denmark. Frederik is the elder son of Queen Margrethe II and Henrik, the Prince Consort. Prince Frederik Married Elizabeth Donaldson, an Australian marketing consultant whom the prince met when he was attending the Sydney Olympics in 2000. The wedding took place on 14 May 2004 at Copenhagen Cathedral, Copenhagen. Now the happy couple has four children: two boys and two girls. Frederik studied at Harvard University, he trained at the United Nations in New York, received a degree in political science at Aarhus University and made a career in all kinds of troops: he is a Navy Rear Admiral, Major General of the army and air force. Even Prince participated in the polar expedition "Sirius 2000", and is now acting as regent when the Queen Mother traveling abroad.


Prince of Norway - Haakon

Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway (born 20 July 1973), is the heir apparent to the Throne of Norway and the son of the reigning King, Harald V. He is also a member of the House of Glücksburg. As a child, he went to a regular kindergarten, and then graduated from high school and Christian school. Its universities - Naval Preparatory School in Stavanger, Naval Academy in Horten, University of California and University of Oslo. Now the prince is in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All family members, of course, were against the marriage, but Haakon went decisively: to adopt a child and married a commoner. They had two more children: the first-born - daughter Ingrid Alexandra, it was she who would inherit the crown from the Pope, leaving the bag younger brother Sverre Magnus. Together with the children the couple relaxing in the ski resorts, and ride on the yacht and radiate happiness in family photographs.

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