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Interesting Info About Delicious Chocolates

05 September 2014
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Chocolate is the best invention of mankind. When we are happy, hungry, sad or boring, the best companion is the chocolate. You would not believe that chocolate has many interesting facts which are listed below:

Chocolate Bean

1 Cocoa trees can live up to 200 years, but the cocoa beans can be collected only for 25 years.

2 The first chocolate bar, for consumption, was done in a chocolate factory JS Fry & Sons in Bristol (England) in 1847.

Chocolate Factory

3 In Belgium, 17,000 people are employed in the production of chocolate.

4 One small piece of chocolate can give a person enough energy to walk 46 meters.

Men in World war

5 Chocolate has been included in the diet of World War II soldiers.

Chocolate Machine

6 The first machine for the production of chocolate was made in Barcelona (Spain) in 1780.

7 Approximately 40% almond and 20% peanut growing in the world, go to the production of chocolate products.

8 Chocolate contains phenylethylamine 8, a natural amino acid, which is believed to have the effect of an aphrodisia, which can cure even a hangover.

Interesting Info About Delicious Chocolates

9 the world's leading producer of cocoa beans is the state of Côte d'Ivoire. About 37% of all cocoa beans in the world comes from there.

10 Cocoa existed for millions of years and is probably one of the oldest natural products.

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