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Igbo Ora Nations Home Of Twins

08 May 2015
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There is a city by the name of Igbo-Ora in southwest Nigeria that has the best rate of dual births within the whole world. So certain are the inhabitants of this city of their distinctive distinction that on the road going into the city there's an oversized stone that bears a proud message welcoming guests to the land of the twins.

Igbo Ora Nations Home Of Twins

Nigeria incorporates a massive population and it additionally has the world's highest twin rate. A study conducted by British medical specialist Patrick Nylander recorded a mean of forty five to fifty sets of twins per thousand live births within the southwest of the country. In Igbo-Ora twin births are considered a blessing and a present from God. Nobody is certain on the explanations for it. The locals attribute it to tradition that suggests genetic reasons for the development. The most wide accepted theory is that it's owing to diet.

An important ingredient of the Yoruba people's diet is that the 'yam' or cassava. Yams contain a natural secretion phytoestrogen which can stimulate the ovaries to supply associate egg from either side, inflicting multiple births. Presently there looks to be no scientific proof that yam consumption will cause multiple births.

This phenomenon of huge dual births isn't distinctive to Igbo-Ora; it's additionally been ascertained within the city of Kodinji in Asian nation and Cândido Godói in Federative Republic of Brazil.

Igbo Ora

Nations Home Of Twins

Home Of Twins


southwest Nigeria

dual births

highest twin rate



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