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How About Different Fruits on a Single Tree Featured

30 July 2014
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Would you like to enter this garden with one stone in hand and throw on this tree and you have variety of 40 fruits in single hit? Then here is that amazing tree of 40 fruits. Yes, its true! This tree is a dream come true, magical plant by artist Sam Van Aken from Syracuse University.

Sam Van Aken want to create such a tree in an attempt to make people think and reconsider about the way the food we eat is produced. This tree looks like a ordinary tree for the most of time but as the climate approaches spring, each fruit starts to grow and the whole tree is covered with colors in shades of pink, red, white, yellow, crimson and bear varieties of stone fruits.

Fruits of two colors

Sam Van Aken's trees produce an excellent harvest of Cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, almonds, and many to mention which we would hardly never had seen before. All the fruits are stone fruits. Stone fruits also known as drupe is basically any fruit which has seed inside it. The whole process takes five years. First he allows the working main tree to mature for at least two years. He then carefully adds the varieties to the main plant by the process called Chip Grafting and allows to be there for the whole winter. In Spring, the tree blooms in colors and in summer, 40 varieties of stone fruits are yielded.

This all started in 2008, when New York State Agricultural Experiment Station planned to shut down the orchard, the professor bought the orchard and began working on the process of hybridization, which led to the creation of tree of 40 fruits by a process called Chip Grafting. The process Chip Grafting is to take a silver off the foreign tree including the bud and inserting into the cut in the working tree. The new tree part is then sealed with a tape and left for the whole winter. This process is usually done during winter or early spring as it the opt time. The result in summer is series of hybridized 40 fruit plant.

Till now, Aken has created 16 trees and has positioned in many common used places such as museums, community centers, malls and private art collections areas. These trees can be seen in cities across the U.S, including New Jersey, New Mexico, Short Hills, Kentucky, Louisville, Pound Ridge, Santa Fe and New York. This tree of 40 fruits will have all fruits ripen from July through October, so there is no need to worry and also rather having lot of single fruit, it provides good amount of each 40 varieties. Hats off to the creator.

Tree bearing fruits

Different Fruits

Chip Grafting

Tree blooms with colors

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