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Highest Jacuzzi at High Altitude Featured

23 October 2011
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In Switzerland, a new amusement for the most enthusiasts. The main attraction of this amusement is a mobile warm tub seats, which can accommodate up to 15 people, which is suspended over a precipice at a height of 100 meters. This bath tub is located on the highest arch bridge in Europe, near the village of Trient.

Highest Jacuzzi at High Altitude

The bridge reaches a height of 187m and is located on a Magnificent Picturesque Gorge, which flows along the bottom of a mountain river. Jacuzzi is set on a special platform, suspended with strong steel ropes. In order to get in the Jacuzzi, you have to first sign a special paper. And then with the assistance of two assistants you can get down through the bridge onto the suspended bath tub.

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