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Guinness Amazing World Records 2014 Edition

20 October 2013
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Book edition was issued in twenty three languages. The 1st book was issued in the year 1955 and was very popular in top bestseller list. See some of the 2014 records listed below :

The smallest motor car

the dimensions were 63.5cm height, 65.41cm width and 126.47cm breadth. This was bulit by Austin Coulson (USA).

Guinness Amazing World Records 2014

The Fastest Women Running with Heels

Julia Plecher completed 100meters race with high heels within 14.5 seconds.

Fastest Women

The World's Biggest Cat

Liger Hercules (Wildlife Refuge, South Carolina), is a which is a cross breed of lion and tigress. Liger Hercules weight is 418Kg and height is 3.3m.

Roller Skates

The Highest Chair

The chairs was 30 meters high.

Highest Chair

World's Small Dog

Chihuahua a small dog breed originating in Mexico named as Millie. The dogs height was 9.65cm

Small Dog

Great collection of Vacuum Cleaners

A 33 Year old man from Nottingham named James Brown, collected 322 Vacuum Cleaner and built his own museum.

Vacuum Cleaners

Lowest Height on Roller Skates

Limbo-skating is very famous with Indian kids. Rohan Kokan, a 7 year old boy created Guiness Record in 2014. Rohan moved on roller skates to a distance of 9.1 meter at the height of 25 centimeter from the ground.

Roller Skates

Awesome 'Star Wars' collections

Steve Sansweet (California), collected 300,000 star wars products.

Roller Skates

World's Little Donkey

The worlds small donkey. Height 64 centimeter above the withers.

Roller Skates

World's Lengthy Female Beard

Vivian Wheeler (United States), has the world's lenthy beard with 25.5 centimeter length.

Roller Skates

The world's Gigantic Motorcycle

Fabio Reggiani (Italy) constructed the worlds of Italy built the world's Gigantic Motorcycle, with a height of 5.10 meters.

Roller Skates

The Gigantic Walking Robot

Zollner Elektronik AG (German company) has built the world's biggest walking robot. The robot measures 15.7m long, 12.3m wide, and 8.2m high.

Roller Skates

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