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First Man with One Million Edits on Wikipedia Featured

23 April 2012
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There really should be an award for editing 1 million Wikipedia articles. Former pizza delivery guy of Indiana resident Justin Knapp and his team has worked hard to achieve the one million Wikipedia edits on 20th April 2012.

Wikipedia Editor

Since the start of Wikipedia in 2005, Justin has done around 385 edits each day. Each edit took him around 4 minutes to complete. Founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales congratulated 30 year old Mr. Justin Knapp, on his personal feed. And Justin is being awarded the Golden Wiki award for his great work. Coming ot know this news he said, "being suddenly and involuntarily unemployed will do that to you." We hopefully could soon expect an award from Guinness team for his amazing work. Around 90,000 editors contributes to the online encyclopaedia (Wikipedia).

Justin Knapp

Jimmy Wales

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