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9800 Feet High First Suspension Bridge Walk Inaugurated Across Peaks Of Swiss Alps Featured

28 October 2014
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The world's first suspension bridge connecting two mountain peaks in the Swiss alps has been officially inaugurated this month. The new "peak walk" links the glacier 3000 peak and Scex Rouge peak in Alps. It is 351 Feet long glass bottomed walkway at a elevation of 9800 feet above the sea level. The bridge is just 31 inches wide and the whole construction costs around £1.2 millions.

First Suspension Bridge Walk

The plan is still to have it open to the public in November and the entry is free throughout the year. The bridge is designed to overcome all extreme climatic conditions including winds of up to 200 kmph. The bridge can hold up to 300 people at a time. Glacier 3000 already has a number of attractions including a summer toboggan run, a snow bus and a fun park.

peak walk

glacier 3000 peak and Scex Rouge peak

351 Feet long glass bottomed walkway

9,800 Feet High Suspension Bridge

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