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Fur Hairy Nail Tops The Latest Nail Art Fashion Trend
Here's a new nail trend which will make you feel like a nightmare, it is called " Furry Nails". This was the creation of Jan Arnold, director and co-founder of CND nail polish. These nail…
Beautifully Drawn Everyday Love Illustrations Of Puuung
Valentines day is celebrated by every loving heart all over the world on February 14. Want to know what Love is? Then here are some of the few heart blowing illustrations by the Korean artist…
Sarah Ingle Spends $14,000 To Transform As Barbie Princess
This 25 year old girl Sarah Ingle of Colorado transforms herself into Disney princess for which she has spent more than $14,000 for her custom made costumes.
14th February, Is That The Only Day We Should Send Our Love?
When I visited the supermarket two weeks ago - the aisles were already adorned with pink-frosted cupcakes and floating heart-shaped balloons. I thought to myself: Don't they know these displays will be spoiled and deflated…
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Why not Extend the Holiday?
So, what about all-year-round love exposure? I'm not proposing a sizzling kind of passion, but rather, an unconditional, expectation-less, no-need-to-reciprocate positivity that exists in you (and in me, and in all of us).
Mother Natures Stunning Underwater Falls
The mother nature has created a painted the "underwater waterfall", just 2000 km away from Africa's southeast coast near Madagascar, Indian ocean - the Island of Mauritius. This amazing waterfall illusion attracts people from all…
The Rich And Charming Princes Of The XXI Century
A prince is the heir apparent to the throne in a royal or imperial monarchy. Here are some of the most luckiest, richest, royal who inherit the power and rule different parts of the world.

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