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7 Touching Photos that will Change The Way You see This World Featured

20 June 2015
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Our team has collected some heart touching photos from social media. I am sure by seeing these photography, your eyes will fill with tears.

1. Who cares about the religion, they love playing cricket together. Very touching photography. Why don't worlds all religion teach to respect others religion!!!

Respect others religion

2. Precious cargo - The real hero. A man braves a flood in Odisha, India to save a cat and her kittens

Brave man saves a cat and her kittens

3. This photo is from Gaza, after a recent bombing. A teacher is teaching Arabic, in a class which is damaged by bombing. Gaza is well know for Gaza Strip, part of Palestinian which borders Egypt

Respect others religion

4. This is a very toughing photo which illustrates the Unity in Diversity of India. A Muslim family is going to/coming from a Krishna Jayanthi festival (Hindu festival) where kids dress as Lord Krishna. Quran , Bible, Gita teaches almost same thing, the way of presenting is different.

illustrates the Unity in Diversity of India

5. In Mumbai, a cop places a flowers on a very famous dog named Zanjeer. He worked with cops as Bomb Squad. He died due to cancer at the age of eight in Mumbai on Nov 17th, 2000. On March 1993 when there was serial bomb blasts, Zanjeer has saved 1000's of human lives by helping to detect more than 3000+ kilograms of the RDX, detonators, hand-held grenades and 6406 bullets. Zanjeer was buried with full police honors and people gathered in crowd for the ceremony.

Zanjeer died of Cancer at the age of 8

6. No one is born racist. It is we human who create racism. Even though this image is photoshopped, the creator has tried to bring a heart touching meaning to the illustration.

No one is born racist

7. People say "Rich is always RICH" and Poor is always POOR". But this kid is RICH with Rich thoughts. Even though she can't afford expensive bed, she draws a luxury bed like image with lamp.

this kid is RICH with Rich thoughts

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