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Unusual Funny Pic Dump - 04 Featured

15 February 2014
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Life is too busy without the sense of humor, individuals are busy in earning and getting famous. Humor is good for health, so relax and watch some of the unusual funny moments which doesn't happen often in real life.

Cover Page  looks like readers face

The girl covering her face with magazine and the coverpage seems like girls face.

Man with ladies sandal

Man wearing ladies high heeled sandal

Poultry Farm birds and snake

Poultry farm birds rounding up a snake. Very natural and funny photo :)


Helping his little brother brush his teeth, looks funny.

kid sleeping in box

Usually kids like making small house and play inside it. See this kid enjoying the sleep in a box

half bus

Where is other half of the bus, is it a photoshopped pic!

boo pic in mobile

Boo picture in mobile and the baby peeping from the seat looks alike. Cute isn't it?

photo inside refrigerator

The icy photo of famous Hollywood celebrity is in refrigerator. Looks like the celebrity got frozen inside the refrigerator.

elephant and woman

Elephant lifting woman in water.

dry fish

New method of drying fish with fan.

snake sweater

I too need sweater, it is very cold out there.

funny girl teeth and tree trunk

insect cowboys

stack of grass on the car

man standing in an angle

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