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10 Pics That Compares Life Today To How It Used To Be Before Featured

17 February 2015
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Everyone knows that technology is essential for our lifestyle. The recent decades have seen many changes in lifestyle and culture. A few years ago, a mobile phone was just a device used to make phone calls. However, time has gone by, and now most of us have a smartphone and they have become a vital part of our lives. Since the smartphones invaded our life, our everyday life became much easier, but the new technology literally buried several devices which were popular till 1990's including calculators and agenda, to maps and compass. What we prioritized then, is certainly not what we prioritize today. Take a look at these 10 images that depict our time today vs the past.

1. Playing With Friends

Playing With Friends

2. Pulling An All-Nighter

Pulling An All-Nighter

3. Going To The Doctor

Going To The Doctor Then

Going To The Doctor Now

4. Using Phones

Using Phones Then

Using Phones Now

5. Sharing Vacation Pictures

Sharing Vacation Pictures

6. Playing Video Games

Playing Video Games

7. Celebrating Birthdays

Celebrating Birthdays Then

Celebrating Birthdays Now

8. Sharing

Sharing Then

Sharing Now

9. How Many Devices We Needed

How Many Devices We Needed

10. How Things Grew

How Things Grew

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