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Wedding Hair Style

For wedding, Long hairstyle looks beautiful in a loose plait hanging over your shoulder. Curls pinned back is a easy way to take volume and disordered waves and add an pleasing twist. Adding pins with beads and jewels adds more beauty. 

Amazing Carp fish Jumping out of the water

Family out for fishing on a small river comes across 1000 of fishes jumping out of the water. Some of the fishes even jumped on the boat. That was amazing to see large number of fishes together. Why to fish When Fishes can Jump on your boat.

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Random Collective Pictures

Here are some of the random pictures which are funny, awesome and hilarious pics to refresh your minds.

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Creative And Most Beautiful Ads

These are some of the most beautiful creative adverts you would have seen. They never can be ignored from the eyes of the people. Hats-off to the creative minds of the masters.

Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle

The Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle (EV) is a futuristic electric car created by a Portuguese Designer Tiago Miguel Inácio. The project was actually started in 2006, but in 2011 Inacio revisited the design and created a beautifully edited short video showcasing the concept.

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Fujitsu Brick Transparent Phone

Fujitsu Brick transparent display phone by Shaocheng Huang & Yuyin Huang is a conceptual device which has ultra-slim body and transparent screen for magnifying purposes, text translation, video and photo capture plus a projector feature. It is a simple PC as such. 


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