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Teddy Flower Art

Usually flowers and teddy bears are lovely gifts. Especially girls love these both. Here are some awesome flower arrangements of teddy bears.

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Toyota Fun-Vii - Fascinating Concept

Toyota introduced the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011, and shows the most fascinating concept. The car, called the Fun-Vii. Dimensions of the machine are 4020 mm long, 1745 mm - width and 1415 mm - height and size the wheelbase is 2750 mm.

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Eye Catching Vertical Gardens

These pics are called Patrick Blanc's vertical gardens. Patrick Blanc was born June 3, 1953 in Paris, is a working biologist and creates vertical gardens around the world. His works has adorned museums, hotels, restaurants, public buildings and private homes.

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Snapshot Of Unusual Photos

Photographers like no one else are able to surprise us with their talent. But take a snapshot of what in real life just does not exist - this is the height of skill. It is important that these pictures are really surprised.

Kindness Follows Kindness

Watch this.. You will definitely share this..Why can't be the whole world like this? That's what life is all about!. At least they tell a beautiful meaning of life. "Do unto others... It is in the giving we receive."

Amazing Wooden Motorcycle Replica

The Lvov-based artist Vyacheslav Voronovich from Ukraine dreamed of owning a motorcycle ever since he was just a kid. The idea of making his first 1:12 scale wooden motorcycle first came to Vyacheslav a year and a half ago, and it quickly turned into a hobby.


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