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I am Vijay Kumar a blogger, more into B2B Digital Campaign Management. was created in 2008 and is an entertainment & informative e-magazine where you could find news about amazing articles you never heard, educational informative contents, technology related, fun stuffs and more.

Since 2008, we created around 8000+ static pages in Snegidhi. Based on the popularity of Snegidhi, we planned to convert the static website to dynamic page with CMS for publishing web content. Conversion of static page to dynamic involved huge manual task and investment, but our passion encouraged us to create a user friendly new web interface for Snegidhi.

In 2013 we approached Engato Technologies to create an user-friendly website. Engato Technologies is a Web Design company in Chennai, expertized in web development and other design services, with friendly customer service.

At Snegidhi, we don’t follow a publishing schedule but we try to update the blog as often as we can. We blog only when we feel that we have something interesting to say or when we could add some value to a topic. Initially we posted articles which were interesting to us, but later we decided to post articles based on Snegidhi's user interests. Most of our users are interested in amazing, informative, tech related, and fun packed articles.


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If you want to post your article on Snegidhi, post it through Submit Article or feel free to send it to me at contactus[at] and if it’s worth a mention, we will share the same on our blog and/or on our Social Media Channels.


Happy blogging on Snegidhi :)


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